Hoogland Health Hydro - Much more than a Spa

Much more than a Spa

Whether you need to experience complete rest and relaxation, improve fitness, focus on weight management, and/or just need some decadent pampering, we are at your service. With the benefit of varied hydro therapies, an adjustable diet programme, exercise, health lectures, and a whole range of body and face therapies, you will be mentally, emotionally & physically recharged.

Short distance from Pretoria and Johannesburg in Gauteng.

Hoogland Health Hydro is nestled in the Shurveberg Mountains, in Gauteng's largest private game reserve. Fresh air and natural beauty abound.


Relaxing Retreat - Rejuvenate body and soul with Therapeutic Therapies and Care

Relaxing Retreat

Our core package includes everything you need for a beneficial stay at Hoogland Health Hydro, and although therapeutic massages, beauty treatments and consultations may be added to this package, none are included and there is no expectation for guests to take extras.

A health retreat like no other, Hoogland meets all your needs as a comprehensive destination spa.



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Pamper Packages are typical spa packages and include massage therapies

Pamper Packages

Pamper Packages include a daily massage, as the multiple benefits of massage therapies are well known. Our therapists are much more than standard spa fare, and also offer many speciality treatments, therefore these massage therapies may be exchanged for anything else on the treatment menu 




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Corporate Health and Wellness, much more than a Spa

Business and Corporate Health and Wellness

The benefit of wellness in any business is getting increasing attention, which also means there are a lot of conflicting views in this constantly developing field. Hoogland is much more than a spa, and our long history in growing in knowledge and remaining leaders in our field, makes us a great wellness parter for any business environment.




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Natural Health and Wellness in a beautiful environment

Health and Wellness Retreats

Through the dedication of many professional medical personnel who's focus is always holistic integrative health, we have developed a number of packages and structures to suit your health and wellness needs. Hoogland is much more than a spa, and our approach is comprehensive and individual.

Retreat experiences evolve with the guest, adapting through careful guidance into the best experience for each unique guest.



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Natural and Effective Weight loss in a caring environment

Weight Management Retreat

Weight management is a very big challenge in our society, and there are too many companies who use this emotionally charged subject to sell programs and medication that don't work.

Our packages are not only founded in scientific medical research, they are also monitored by medical personal in a caring, homely and pampering environment.

Each individual is treated uniquely, and through a variety of tests, including our specially imported metabolic rate machine, we tailor make solutions in partnership with guests.



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 Stress Management in a Relaxed, Natural environment, walk the mountains or the labyrinths

Stress Management

Hoogland's approach to Stress Management is Holistic, with an integrative approach to each person and their response to stress.

Being close to Pretoria and Johannesburg, there is much stress, (and many spas), but there is no spa that can come close to the real benifit of a stay at Hoogland Health Hydro  



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 Stop Smoking. Quit the habbit and cease the additiction with the help of Hoogland - Much more than a Spa

Quit Smoking Program

Hoogland's quit smoking program is very effective, with hypnosis, mindfulness, or fasting, or a combination of these being employed to assist you in kicking the habit and getting a good general 'detox' while you are at it.

As with all our packages, this package can be tailor made to each individual's unique needs.



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 Detox Spa Program through water fasting to improve the body's natural ability to rid itself of waste

 Detox and Fasting Program

Our detox programs employ fasting and are structured to assist your body in improving the effectiveness of its natural waste processes, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, with more energy and a clearer mind. Your body naturally maintains balance and rids itself of wastes through a many complex systems, but we can do a lot of damage or put additional strain on these systems in our modern lives.

Medically monitored fasting is one of the most natural ways for your body to kick-start itself into new health.



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 Pre-op preparation and post surgery recovery is improved with our special programmes

 Pre-Op Preparation and Post-Op Recovery & Support

Surgery is a very traumatic experience, both emotionally and physically, and being properly prepared for it will make a huge difference on the immediate as well as long-term impact is has on your life.

Hoogland is much more than a Spa, we have many years of experience in Holistic, Integrative Medicine, and caring staff who will ensure that you get the best care both before and after surgery.

The impact of an operation on your family and friends can also be substatial, let us help you to reduce this additional stress.



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 Close to Johannesburg and Pretoria in Guateng, you can use our complimentary shuttle service for ease of transfer


Please do not use your GPS direct! It will take you on a long 'scenic' route best left to the adventure enthusiast. Follow the link above for easy directions, or make use of our Shuttle from the Centurion Gautrain Station.  



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